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Advanced Cat Coat Calculator Notes


All combinations of phenotypes where I am unsure what they would result in, or which are not easily described, are simply listed as phenotype 1 + phenotype 2.

The calculator currently has no known bugs.

Complete Changelog

10/15/2021 - Fixed the following typos/minor bugs: Mocha-albino listed correctly for the sire as cmc, fixed a typo for the dam that was making mocha-albino bugged, and fixed an additional typo so that mocha-albino x mocha-albino displays the proper percentage results.

8/18/2021 - Instated new version of the calculator, and this page. New version adds tooltips, some genes and updates to existing genes, and completely rewrites the code to be much easier to add onto.

New Genes: Wirehair, Sunshine, Karpati, Ringtail. Several others have been renamed to be more general as more possibilities have been added for genotypes.

(c) Sparrow Hartmann 2017-2021