Commission me!


I'm Sparrow, and I'd like to draw for you! I am a student in Biological Pre-Medical Illustration, so I am particularly interested in scientific or educational illustration, but I am happy to do other sorts of illustration as well! Things I will draw include but are not limited to animals, plants, and portraits, in colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, or digital media. Please see my portfolio for some of my best examples. 

Because I work in a variety of styles and media, it isn't practical to list my prices, so please email me at or use the contact form for more details.

Once I am finished, you have the right to use and reproduce the image as you wish, but not to sell it or any product using it unless I have explicitly approved it. I may show it in a portfolio as an example of my work, but otherwise I agree not to use the work for any other purpose.