Cat Coat Calculator

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How to use

Pull up this chart: x   This chart is your new best friend.

First, we need to figure out each cat’s base color. This is what color they would be with no dilution, tabby, silver, pointing, or white spotting. Find the color and pattern of your cat on the chart and then look all the way to the left. If you have a purebred cat, their coloration may be at the bottom, and it will say there what color it equates to. If your cat is white, you get to decide what color is "underneath". Note that most "brown" tabbies are genetically black!

Most of the fields are very straightforward with the chart to reference. For some fields, there is a "carrier" option. For example, there is non-dilute, and there is non-dilute carrying dilute. Making the cat a carrier will allow them to have offspring with that trait.


I'm planning on reworking a couple of things soon, but in the meantime:

This is the first version of the calculator, intended for people who don't know anything about genetics and just want to know what kinds of kittens are possible from two given cats. To accomplish this, only a few traits have been chosen and simplified for ease of use. Because of this, accuracy is not guaranteed.

When either parent is red, the eumelanin color is assumed to be the same as the other cat's. If one parent is chocolate or cinnamon, the other is assumed to be carrying that color. Tabby has been simplified drastically, and the calculator will simply report which of the parent patterns is dominant.

I have fully checked the code, so no errors should be present. If you think you've found something, contact me by email or through my cat tumblr and I'll take a look right away.